Marketing Real Estate Today

Marketing real estate today is more sophisticated and improved than in previous times. Yet the results Realtors achieve are still in direct proportion to the time they devote to sales training, prospecting, listing, selling, negotiating and networking. Prospecting, aka lead generation has always been a pivotal activity when marketing properties, and today with the use of the Internet and cost effective tools, it is easier and less costly.

Marketing is defined as: The total of activities involved in the transfer of property from the seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising (including lead generation), negotiating and selling.

Experience shows that impressing buyers and sellers with your real estate knowledge and over-delivering with your services will pay big dividends, but there is another vital characteristic that can trump experience any day of the week.  This characteristic can help a rookie Realtor land a listing and make a sale that the more experienced, veteran Realtors missed out on.  But first …

Here Are A Few Mind-Boggling Facts And Statistics:

  • According to Sprout Social’s Consumer Engagement Index, “real estate” is the second most searched topic on social media but ranks lower than the government in response rates.
  • 89 percent of consumers say response time was very important when choosing their agent, brought to light by a Real Trends Online Performance Study.
  • 56 percent of consumers expect a response from their agent within 15-30 minutes, according the the Real Trends study.
  • According to the 2014 National Association of REALTORS® report, The Intelligent Internet Lead, the average agent response time was about 15 hours.

What’s Your Point of Differentiation?

A well-trained real estate agent, young or old, who exhibits professionalism and makes ‘responsive communication’ his/her point of differentiation, wins! Marketing real estate is a people business after all.

Marketing Real Estate To People Who Want What They Want, WHEN They Want It …

There are no excuses for not responding to EVERY inquiry within minutes. Why? Because of automation! Automation is painless, fairly inexpensive, and, frankly, half the battle.  Today’s technology tools not only put you in the running to capture new clients, but may very well push some Realtors to the front of the pack.  (You still have to build rapport but this makes it easier.)

The Power Of Marketing Real Estate Online …

Online marketing has the powerful advantage of reaching an immense readership, made up from a captive audience that accesses the internet daily. Lead generation from this source is instrumental to the growth of a real estate agent’s business today!

You Are In The Marketing Real Estate Business!

When Realtors utilize the powerful effects of real estate marketing technology tools and their professional support partners, their businesses expand. There really is no limit to the marketing tools you can use to automate lead generation and your real estate business, so I encourage you to explore them here today.

Consider this site one of your ‘marketing real estate’ support partners and resource centers with an extensive collection of real estate marketing tools, sales training and lead generation strategies!

 Realtors embrace a challenging career path, yet even with humor, the message is clear.